Meet Bono

Beautiful Little Boy

Little Bono is our first rescue of 2009. You can see form the photos and video below just how sweet and gorgeous he is, hence the name I have given him which is short for bonito (beautiful boy). However when we picked him up he had and still has a real problem in that he cannot open his mouth to eat properly by himself.

We have been feeding him meat smoothies and milk by syringe and I am pleased to have some good news. Firstly I an convinced that his mouth has improved as we can now get the syringe end right in and we can see his mouth opening at the sides. He also seems active, well and strong, and the other good news is that in the 2 days we have been supporting him he hasn’t lost any weight. This is a big achievement in the circumstances, and means that whilst things are not ideal, he is definitely not starving. Well done to Pam who is doing most of the hard work and has given him a temporary home.

He is actually a happy little chap, and since yesterday has found his voice and chatters away to us. He loves cuddles, purrs at the slightest provocation, and even seems to like having his jaw massaged, so obviously doesn’t have pain there.

The video below I took this morning. He is not looking his most beautiful as the poor little thing is permanently being washed to remove dribbled food, but he IS eating better and has stopped getting food up his nose. It is incredibly rewarding feeding this little chap as he is so grateful, and we know that right now we are saving his life.

Feeding Bono, our first rescue of 2009

Tomorrow morning he goes back to the vet for more antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, and I am REALLY hoping that Begona will be pleased with his progess and give us more hope.

Feeling Good

3 thoughts on “Meet Bono

  1. Chris

    He certainly seems to be moving his mouth more in the video, so hopefully he is on the mend.

    You can see the video on You Tube as well by the way!

  2. Mary

    He is a very sweet little chap and is certainly taking his food better than before. Last night he must have had 15 syringes full- none left in the bowl at the end and not much dibbled out! He then promptly fell asleep on my lap. Fingers crossed for today and Begonia

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