Meet Elsa Kitten


Sweet Little Elsa

Little Elsa is another kitten we have taken from the dog protectora. She was actually left in Jos’s garden, and he effectively took her into work!

She is a little darling, loves everyone (cats, dogs and people), AND cuddles. I don’t think it will be long before the girls in Germany find her a home.

She has been with Betty, Ruthie and Kika at Tracey’s for several weeks, but as those 3 older kittens have now travelled to Germany, I have put her at Dawn’s where she has quickly made friends with Britta’s babes , Molly and Farley. They are actually more her age and size, but we were wary of putting her with them until Britta left, in case she didn’t accept Elsa. Now as, Dawn put it, she is “one of the gang”!


Sweet Little Elsa


Sweet Little Elsa


Sweet Little Elsa


Elsa With Kika

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