Meet Ginger Jasper


Beautiful Boy

Jasper is our latest big cat rescue. Pam has been feeding him alongside Keba in Darsena 2 for several months. Although he was very nervous at the beginning, we now believe he was an abandoned cat.

He has become VERY friendly recently, and is definitely a candidate for re-homing. I took these photos a few days ago at Pam’s, where he has been for just over a week now. He has settled well, integrated with her other cats, and is even playing with big Capone. He also seems to have no fear of Rufus dog, and appears to be quite a character. Pam’s only slight problem with him is his tendency to nip rather hard, when he decides he isn’t getting enough attention! We’re hoping he loses this slightly anti-social habit.

Apart from this we hope temporary personality flaw, he is basically a real charmer, and, certainly for ginger cat loves, a very handsome boy indeed. I have been told that ginger (or red) cats are very popular in Germany, so I am expecting him to find a new home quickly. In the meantime he is being spoiled nicely and well loved at Pam’s.


Jigsaw Boy


Having a Stretch


Sussing things Out


Getting Some Loving

6 thoughts on “Meet Ginger Jasper

  1. Chris

    OK with this one the odds are definetly stacked on him staying at Pam’s LOL!!!!

  2. Pam Roberts

    Jasper is a lovely affectionate cat – woke up this morning and he was lying next to me with his head on my pillow.He and my big Capone play and play together – my other two ginger girls tend to ignore him.He is so clean, healthy appetite – shares a bowl with Capone and has made himself completely at home.Will be sorry to see him go when a home is eventually found for him in Germany.He certainly appreciates being off the streets – especially in this very hot weather – no fleas, food on request, comfortable beds to sleep on and friends to play with – what more could a lovely ginger cat wish for – only a permanent home.

  3. Sands Post author

    We will find him a lovely home. Trouble is he thinks he already has one!!!

  4. Pam Roberts

    No Chris- you would lose your bet!!! When Jasper goes to his new home in Germany – he then makes room for another one and I have my eye on the lovely affectionate white cat left on the rocks who is desperate to be adopted.

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