Meet Goldie Cat


Lovely, Gentle Goldie
This is Goldie, our beautiful, sweet girl.

She was abandoned a couple of months ago, and ended up with the other strays cats being fed near the Nautico. At first we all thought she was an owned cat, but as her collar slowly became very tight as she grew, we realised that this sweet tame little girl had been dumped.

We think she is now about 10 months so still very young, but by the time we rescued her the marauding toms had done their work and she was very pregnant, leading to complications with her sterilisation and a resultant delay in starting her vaccinations, which meant that she missed the last transport to Germany.

This was a shame as the good news for her is that within a few days of me sending these photos to Germany, she had her new home all sorted. She will be living in a lovely family with one older male cat and another little ginger female, who has just arrived from Greece. Now her new owners are waiting patiently for her, and we hope to have her on her way to a happy new life at the end of this month.

It is easy to see why they immediately fell in love with her. She is a beautiful soft ginger colour all over, and as is obvious from these pictures is a real sweetheart.


Lovely, Gentle Goldie


Lovely, Gentle Goldie


Lovely, Gentle Goldie


Lovely, Gentle Goldie


Lovely, Gentle Goldie


Lovely, Gentle Goldie

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