Meet Keba


Beautiful Keba

This is Keba, our beautiful but nervous girl.

We rescued her at the end of July, and she is still very nervous of people. Since Tommy (Keba’s cuddle boy) left Nicola’s, all the cats have been able to mix together, and Keba is finally starting to spend time in the living room and will sometimes let Nicola stroke her. She also has her new big cuddle boy, Beau, whom you will meet next.

We are not sure where Keba came from, but Jean and George think they recognise her as an originally owned cat, that some man kept all day in his car, which would explain why she is not trusting yet of humans! For now however she is well and healthy, and has put on a good amount of weight, since we took in her and her 4 flea bitten kittens from Darsena 2.

We are now hoping to send her to Germany in January with her friend Beau, and to find them a home together.
Keba will probably always be a little nervous but she is a beautiful siamese mix girl, and anyone who adopts this pair will have their cuddle boy in Beau! They will be a similar pairing to Keba’s daughter Lucie and her cuddle boy Luc, although as you will see Beau is a much bigger cat than little Luc will ever be!!!


Beautiful Keba


Beautiful Keba

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