Meet Mimi

Lovely Little Mimi

This is Monty’s little friend Mimi. She is a lovely little thing, very chatty and happy to come out and eat virtually in front of Pam and I. She’s not so keen however on being touched, which so far has made her rather difficult to catch!

Mimi is particularly dear to me as she is the daughter of my cat Saidi, and the mother of Coreena, and Carmen & Ferdi, all of whom are now in Germany or Switzerland. Her 3 brothers have all left us, maybe because that’s what boys do, but Mimi has stayed close along with her protector Monty.

I think she also could be a lovely cat given time and attention, and the right home, because she is used to humans to a degree and is actually a very cheeky little thing.

My priority for her over the next couple of weeks is to sterilise her or we will soon be having more Coreena, Ferdi and Carmens! Mimi is still only just over a year but had her first litter at around 7 months, which made her thin and sickly looking for a while. Since then, maybe with Monty’s help, she seems to have managed to avoid the Tomcats, has filled out and now looks great. Jenny however, tells me that mating season is definitely upon us, as the Toms in her garden are calling and fighting, so catching little Mimi for her own good is now quite urgent. Here’s hoping we succeed soon.

Lovely Little Mimi


6 thoughts on “Meet Mimi

  1. Chris

    Good luck catching the little bugger, and this time IF you get her in the cage don’t let her go 🙂

  2. Mary

    Easier said than done Chris! I suspect Monty has been giving her pep talks into ‘How to be a Houdini’ !

  3. Sands Post author

    Yep we will need to prepare for this one. My plan is to get her more used to me touching her neck over the next week. She hates contact but wants the food. I will then get one chance to grab her or that will be it for a few more weeks. She is now much plumper so at least there is something to get hold of.

  4. Chris

    @Mary ….. ah but we had her in the cage a long time ago, she showed signs of distress and Sands let her go!!!

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