Meet Pelusa The Persian

21/04/11: Good news for Pelusa is that her home check in Germany was great yesterday, so her adoption is now confirmed and she has her new home.

Things have become a little clearer re. Pelusa’s situation in Spain. She is older than we originally thought, being nearer 6. It seems she WAS the cat of her Spanish family’s son, and he has left home, which IS why sadly they no longer want her. I have a feeling her new home will be much nicer, and she is going to be very spoilt from now on!

12/04/11: This rather splendid cat belonged to a Spanish family until recently, when they asked their local vet, who works with AlStrays, to find a new home for her.

We’re not sure why they didn’t want her any more, having owned her for some 3 years, but think it may be something to do with their son growing up and losing interest.

Anyway, she, not surprisingly, already has interested people in Germany, and for now is exploring her new foster home that Matt has found for her. She showed a certain amount of ‘attitude’ when taken to the vet, so appears to be a slightly temperamental beauty, but this is probably fairly normal for a Persian, and I’m sure her new family in Germany will love her completely!

Pelusa The Beautiful

Pelusa The Beautiful

Pelusa The Beautiful

Pelusa The Beautiful

1 thought on “Meet Pelusa The Persian

  1. pauline wright

    WOW what a beautiful lady.Lots of daily combing.I adore persians and have had 6 over the years all diff and all the fur has been diff.My current female is a real madam tortie will not be combed so is a struggle.Good luck with the new home.Paulinex

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