Meet Pretty White Cat Martha

Martha is a lovely gentle cat who came to us via the PAWs cattery in Mojacar. She already has a foster home in Germany waiting for her and will travel to Germany on June 4th. I hope an adoptant will be found soon for this beautiful lady.

Martha was rescued a few months ago, when she was seen crying outside a restaurant for food, thin and frightened. Since then she has been happy to be stroked and to snuggle into her special bed at the cattery. I brought her to Almerimar a week ago to give her more space and to get her ready to travel to Germany.

She was one of 5 cats that I was able to take from PAWs, the other 4 having travelled to Germany on May 7th. This has enabled the girls in Mojacar to rescue 5 more cats, the last of whom will be in the cattery by tomorrow. This is all part of working together to help more cats. Later the girls will take some adult cats for me, but for now I am happy to help them re-home some of the beautiful cats who have been in their cattery for months.

These photos of gorgeous Martha I actually took when I visited the cattery a couple of weeks ago. It is fairly obvious why I fell in love with her, and was determined to help her find her forever home.

Pretty Girl Martha

Pretty Girl Martha

Pretty Girl Martha

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