Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year (2015)


Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year from: Moreno, Saidi, Oscar, Fleur, Dusky, Kasper, Teo, Tigra and a very excited Sophie

So that is another year over for us. A year that saw us adopt Sophie after we found her in a bush in the nature reserve alongside the beach, a year in which we transported 274 cats and 239 dogs (including 88 Galgos), and a year in which we re-homed 134 cats.

A HUGE thanks has to go to our Preferred Partners, both for their continued support in using our transport services, and for their exceptional work in re-homing the animals.

We have a nice long break now with our first 2016 Transport not until 29th January 2016, and once Sands is back from the UK the plan is to do nothing other than walk the dogs on the beach and in the nature reserve, watch Sophie destroy the Christmas Tree every day, and catch up on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

We will head into 2016 with the new site, a plan to use Social Media more to communicate and build the pet transport business from the UK, and with two exciting new Re-Homing Projects which we started in 2015 and now want to build on their success.

For now though: well done to the exceptional rescues and volunteers that we are honoured to transport for, thanks to all the ‘girls’ involved in re-homing the cats, and a special Seasons Greetings to all that adopted a cat or dog in 2015 and gave a life to so many lovely cats and dogs.

Oh, and one more things: can someone please slow the years down as I really can’t believe how quickly this year has gone!


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