Metal rods are jammed down the throats of innocent animals to make this “delicacy”

You really a strange person indeed if you think this is at all right! No need to comment back as I would never change my mind and I would never eat at a restaurant that served this or with anyone that ate it!

The UK Prime Minister Promised to Ban Cruel Foie Gras. Now He’s Backing Out, and Innocent Ducks and Geese Will Suffer.

One of the most violent and grotesque forms of animal agriculture was nearly banned from being imported into the UK, but Boris Johnson backed out of the plan at the last minute. Foie gras is a particularly controversial topic because while some consider the food a delicious luxury, its production is literally impossible without overt cruelty and suffering.

Male ducks and geese are trapped in tiny, unsanitary cages, meaning that their coats tend to end up matted in feces because they have no space to groom. Female ducklings, on the other hand, are literally tossed into a grinder and instantly ripped apart to their death, since their bodies cannot be used to make what humans have disgustingly deemed a “delicacy.” The living males are then force-fed, in which metal tubes are jammed into the poor animals’ tiny throats to make their livers swell up to 10 times their typical size. This process happens twice a day, and unsurprisingly, many of the ducks and geese die while enduring such pain. 

While foie gras production is in fact illegal in Britain, it can still be imported into the country — which, in many ways, defeats the purpose of banning it domestically. The only way for Britain to stand fully with animal rights advocates is to not only ban foie gras production but also ban all imports and sales of a product that can only be made from violently abusing ducks and geese. Sign the petition to put pressure on Boris Johnson to stand up for animal welfare!


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