26/09/12: Mia has actually had a bit of a tough time after her first few days in Germany. At first we thought she had a chill from the transport but she then became much sicker and the clinic diagnosed a strain of cat flu that cats are not vaccinated against. We are not sure where this came from, but I am pleased to report that Mia is now fine again, and can start her new life in ernest. Enjoy her latest photos, and a big thankyou to her Mum Vera and everyone who looked after her so well in Germany.

10/09/12: The first pictures are starting to arrive of the cats, from Saturday’s transport, in their new homes. Mia is looking beautiful and her family are very happy with her so it is time I introduced her to this blog. She was rescued earlier in the summer, up near Murcia, by a kind English couple who took Mia and her son Moca into their home. They loved them both but as they travel a lot, asked me to find them good homes. Mia now has a lovely home with a garden to explore as soon as she is settled, and a new friend of a similar age called Amy.

Here is news of her arrival from her new Mum: “Here are the first pictures of Mia. I’ve cleared out a window sill in the living room for her and settled the curtains so she can look out better. She growls and purrs alternately and was stressful at first. She is eating, drinking and she has already made ​​Pippi and creeps from room to room to check things out. My Amy is a little afraid because Mia growls, but that will I am sure stop soon.

It sounds as if everything will be just fine for this lovely lady. Enjoy the latest photos and the earlier ones from Spain.

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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