RIP Baby Stupsi!

24/03/12: Today is a very sad day for Montse. This morning she sent me a message to say that Stupsi had become VERY sick overnight and she was rushing her to a vet. About an hour ago came the news that our little girl had died. The fact that she had some happiness and a lot of love in her little life is not much consolation for now, but I hope will be later. Montse is very tired and sad. Some things are not meant to be, and there is always a risk until at least 4 weeks that these little babies will not survive, but we were so hopeful for the first 2 weeks. RIP Stupsi!

22/03/12: Baby Stupsi is a little sick and Montse has been very worried about her. The last few days she has not been eating well and at times has been struggling to breath. Montse has been helping her with aerosols and antibiotics, and today things seem to be looking up. We are all praying for a good recovery, and that Stupsi will soon be back on track and growing into a big strong girl!

18/03/12: Sunday morning smile! Montse sent me these photos a couple of days ago when Stupsi got to 15 days. She is doing SO well! She has however lost her step-mum as Pumuky travelled to Germany to her new home with sister Pitu on Friday! I also now know what her name means. It comes from the German for snub nose, for her cute little nose!!!

Stupsi at 15 Days

Stupsi at 15 Days

Stupsi at 15 Days

12/03/12: Yesterday Montse sent me another photo of Stupsi with her new Mum! It seems that Pumuky age 11 months has suddenly developed very strong mothering instincts. Montse is still in charge of feeding and making sure that Stupsi pees and poos, but Pumuky has taken on warmth, security and defence of the baby. She is making soothing sounds, in a low modulated voice and is on alert for any cat that may harm her baby! Sweeet!!! Unfortunately this will not last long as Pumuky with her sister Pitu is off to a new life in Germany on Friday!

With StepMum Pumuky

11/03/12: Yesterday Montse sent me lovely new photos to celebrate Stupsi’s 10 day birthday! She is doing really well and it seems has some good friends to help her. Montse describes her as “intelligent, grateful and very talkative”, but to Averroes, the ginger kitten in one photo, she is a squeaky toy! He has taken her out of her warm bed to play and even put her on the floor for a walk! Stupsi does not mind. You can also see a large white paw in another photo. This belongs to Ricky! He has been more helpful by playing gently with the baby and helping to ‘wind’ her! It is so lovely that some big cats have a natural instinct to be parents. Stupsi is eating more milk each day, and even slept 7 hours through the night. Montse of course could not sleep as she was worrying about her! I think Strupsi is definitely a little survivor. So far so good!!!

Strupsi With Averroes

Stupsi With Ricky's Paw
10 Day Old Stupsi
10 Day Old Stupsi
10 Day Old Stupsi

10 Day Old Stupsi

07/03/12: The latest from Montse is that Bebe is doing really well. She eats between 10 and 15 cc of milk every 4 or 3 hours and is very strong and very smart. As soon as she sees, hears or smells Montse, she calls out for food or for help to pee or poop! Of course we will have to wait another 2 or 3 weeks to be sure all will be fine with her but the signs are good. In the meantime Katzenherzen have asked on their homepage for names for Bebe, and of the suggestions, Montse and I have chosen Stupsi! She is christened!!!

Her mother Mila is also fine. She is recovering well from her ordeal and operation, is eating better, and moving freely in and out of her cage to use the litter trays with the rest of the cats. She looks much better, and is stronger each day, but unfortunately still does not accept Stupsi.

04/03/12: This is a lovely story to make you smile on a Sunday morning. This little scrap of a kitten is lucky to be alive. Montse found her mother Mila on her porch on Wednesday evening. She was in labour but had a kitten completely stuck. Montse rushed her to our vet Miguel for an emergency caesarian and Mila and Bebe are doing well. Unfortunately he was not able to save the other kittens, but Bebe is strong. Mila however has decided for now that she does not want to feed Bebe, so this is Montse’s job. Montse told me that the other evening when she returned from work she could hear a hungry Bebe crying from outside her house. She is a definite survivor!

More information from Montse: She got home after 7pm and only went onto her porch because she saw Edison, a feral boy who had escaped. It was then she heard mill cry. Miguel was helping Mila until about 11pm. He said to Montse the kittens should have been born that morning. Mila needed an infusion because she was so dehydrated and Montse gave her this name as short for Mirago (miracle). 2 kittens were in the womb when Miguel removed it and they were only able to revive Bebe. Amazing!!!


Hungry Bebe

Mother Mila


4 thoughts on “RIP Baby Stupsi!

  1. MaPu

    good luck for Mila and Stupsi
    and thank you to Montse

  2. Jenny

    Sweet, but sad too! Let’s hope Stupsi finds another foster mum soon! Good luck to Pumuky and Pitu.

  3. Kana

    I just find kittens so adorable! Those are a cute shade like a tiger. I was just wondering though-why do you still feed them? I always thought the mother’s milk was enough and never tried feeding kittens but maybe that’s why they always seemed to be so thin.

  4. Sands Post author

    This kitten needs feeding because his mother has rejected him. She nearly died giving birth and needed a caesarian. I think because of this she did not recognise Stupsi as her kitten. The new little female who is looking after him has no milk for him. Normally it is fine for kittens to just feed from their mother.

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