Mimi – A Darling Little Kitten

15/09/12: Now I have Kerstin’s photos from Mimi’s arrival in her foster home. She does look great. She is however being a little witch to Tonyko who wants to cuddle her AND she HATES the lovely dog, so this will I am sure just be a foster home until the right family is found for her, with hopefully another sporty kitten!
14/09/12: Mimi travelled to Germany on Saturday’s transport where for now she is still a foster kitten. She has a new friend Tonyko, who is a lovely sweet boy cat, of about 8 months, re-homed from Almeria. Mimi is “fine and crazy“, which is just like her, so there is nothing to worry about. She is looking gorgeous in these new photos, and seems comfortable with her new housemate!

20/06/12: Mimi IS a sweetheart. She was found and bottle fed by a kind Romanian lady, who contacted us when her holiday here in Almerimar was over. She would actually have loved to take little Mimi home with her, but unfortunately this baby was too young to travel. Now she is busy annoying Mary’s 2 older cats, by trying to play with them all the time. She is a very very tame, AND playful little cat, with a long lean sporty frame. She urgently needs a playmate and we are hoping she will find a home in Germany in time for the next transport in July. Enjoy the photos. She was a very good subject!

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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