Mink Lashes: A Killer Look

Minks are intelligent, sensitive animals who – in their natural homes – enjoy solitary lives, swimming, climbing, and roaming a vast territory.

It’s a far cry from their life on fur farms, where they’re kept inside filthy wire cages not much bigger than their bodies. Animals on these farms are plagued by disease, parasites, fear, and other hardships on a daily basis – all before they’re crudely killed in the cheapest ways possible by workers who break their necks, suffocate them, or genitally or anally electrocute them.

We’re making tremendous progress against the dying fur trade. But by peddling false eyelashes made from glued-together bits of mink fur using deceptive labels like “ethically sourced”, this vile industry is trying its hardest to market its products of cruelty to unsuspecting consumers.

By making a special gift today, you’ll help us overcome these attempts and accomplish even more for minks and other animals.

Today, a tidal wave of kind consumers are shunning products made from the fur of minks or other animals like never before, embracing the wide array of animal-friendly fibres available to suit every budget and desired look.

With the help of more than 280,000 determined supporters around the globe, PETA and our international affiliates recently persuaded leading beauty retailer Sephora to stop selling mink eyelashes, and it was quickly followed by Australian beauty giant MECCA and Canadian brand Velour.

With your help today, we’ll keep pressure on Lilly Lashes to become the next company to commit to selling only cruelty-free eyelashes – and push forward to strike out fur farms and other abusive, disease-ridden facilities wherever they exist.

After an appeal by PETA Netherlands and the public’s growing concern about the spread of COVID-19, the Dutch Parliament recently voted overwhelmingly in favour of bringing forward its fur farm ban and banning the breeding of minks by the end of this year. Many other countries are now seeing the light and introducing similar bans following determined campaigning by PETA and our affiliates – and after Bosnia and Herzegovina banned fur farming in 2018, the last remaining facility near Sarajevo has now closed its doors.

We won’t rest until not a single animal suffers in a filthy, faeces-encrusted cage on a fur farm. Please help us usher in a more compassionate era for beauty and fashion by donating to PETA right now.

Thank you for your compassion and for all you do for animals.

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