Mission Possible: Saving Soldier’s Pets

Here at SPCA International, we are facing a new challenge. Our Operation Baghdad Pups: Worldwide program has slowed to a crawl.

Twelve dogs are stuck overseas and costs to care for them are skyrocketing. We need your help.

One of those animals is Sully. Marine Corps Sergeant Weldon adopted this sweet pup. 

The Sergeant tells us he bottle-fed tiny Sully to keep him alive. They bonded as Sully grew and became the center of attention on a base where he was the only pet.

Now, Sully is in our care and the Sergeant is anxiously awaiting their reunion. 

Will you help care for Sully or another pup like him? Your sponsorship will keep him safe and healthy while we wait for travel permits.

The pets in our OBP: Worldwide program were all adopted by U.S. service members serving overseas. The military doesn’t allow animals on official flights, so soldiers depend on us to transport these patriot pets to the U.S., where they are reunited.

Typically, dogs and cats are in our care for a short time. We process their medical and travel clearances, then get them on a plane as quickly as possible to the U.S.

Now, these animals are in limbo because new CDC guidelines have slowed the dog import process to a crawl. The soldiers are frantically working through the red tape and we are helping them as much as we can. In the meantime, our overseas staff is giving their all to keep these pups healthy and happy.  

Simply put, we need your help caring for these pets.  Can you sponsor one or more of them? Your generosity will keep them safe and healthy until they can join their soldiers.

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