Mocha The Gentle Siamese

Mocha is another of the beautiful cats from the Subway restaurant colony. He was initially the most tame, and was never aggressive. I managed to ‘scruff’ him while he was eating, and we got him into a cage very easily.

He responded very well within a week at Matt’s, and seemed fine inside and happy to be stroked. Also being a gorgeous siam cat, he was easy to find an adoptant for. Within days a lot of people were showing an interest in him in Germany, and that was before I manage to take these better photos of him.

The home chosen for him was with the lovely older couple who had already adopted Calypso, a lovely siam-mix female, from here. They have a home with a garden in a small village, where Mocha can go outside and explore if he wants.

At this stage all seemed on track towards a perfect life for Mocha. Then near disaster struck.

Mocha was savaged by a dog. Matt left him sunning himself on the terrace for about 20 minutes and returned to find him cowering in the bathroom covered in blood. We think he must have managed to almost flee through the window when he was grabbed from behind. His right back leg needed 3 hours of re-constructive surgery, but Mocha was lucky, and the vet believes everything will be fine.

Just over 2 weeks ago, with his stitches out, and well on the mend, Mocha travelled to his new home in Germany and met his parents and Calypso (now called Luise). This was at the beginning a trial, not because his new parents weren’t sure they wanted him, but because Calypso was to get the final vote. She has only been in her home about 3 months, and her parents were very clear that if Luise hated Mocha, then he would not be able to stay.

So we waited, hoping this would work out, as this seemed the perfect home for Mocha, even more so because his new family already understood street cats, and I knew would be patient with him, after everything he had been through.

A few days after he arrived, I had this email from Kerstin in Germany:

“Short informations from the forster home how Mocha is, but they call them Elvis… He is shy, but they can touch him if they take the time. If he believe in them in this moment he loves to cuddle and snorrs… But if somebody makes a loud noise he is away. That is not better up to now… With Luise (Calypso) he seems to be okay. Calypso hiss a little but not loud… and only he is too close … she is not aggressive with him… she seems to be very relaxed… The forster home/ adoptants plays with both together… there seems to be big problem… because Mocha is smaller than Calypso…

They hope that Mocha will be tamer soon… He likes to talk with a quiet voice… like a childrens voice and looks with his big eyes… but he do not like if somebody is too near to him… or tries to pick him up.”

All sounded ok and then one week later, I got the news we had been waiting for:

“The family of Calypso will keep Mocha, too… He is more tame and they can stroke him… in some situtiations he is shy furthermore, but okay and will be better… He really likes to play AND he plays with Calypso (now Luise), too!!!
They are not best friends, but okay with each other! So Mocha is very well and healthy”

Fantastic news and also that his leg seems fine. I am happy too for Calypso that she has a friend. She hated the male cat in her original trial home, so I was worried that she wouldn’t accept Mocha. I think it will work because he is so gentle and still a kitten. He will grow up knowing who is the boss, which I think is what Calypso needs after her tough time with Tomcats outside.

Her family seem to adore her:

“Luise is a dreamcat… likes her family and likes to cuddle, she likes to go outside und play in the snow… and if snowing she tries to catch the snow… they said – she is a perfect cat… ;o)”

AND this Spanish girl loves the snow!!!

This looks like being a very happy ending for our Calypso and Mocha. I can now wish Luise and Elvis a great and healthy life together for many years to come! Good luck guys!!!

Beautiful Mocha

Beautiful Mocha

Beautiful Mocha

Beautiful Mocha

Beautiful Mocha

Mocha’s Injury

Calypso Cat

Calypso & Mocha @ Home


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