Monty & Mimi Catching!

I have just had a stressful hour out in Calle Alcor with Pam trying once again to catch Mimi cat. This little madam, as I have posted before now, has a fantastic ‘forever’ home waiting for her in Germany, with a lovely lady who will accept and love her just as she is, basically pretty wild. She will be able to run outside in a village environment, and her best buddy Monty is going with her. Perfect! But does she want to come willingly … no chance!!!

Over the past week I have got her used to eating out of our new feral cat trap, so this morning I slightly nervously set it, trusting in the design that she wouldn’t get hurt. Monty was complicating things by trying to go in himself, which would have been dangerous, as we could have had one cat in and one half in. We therefore decided to catch him first as we can pick him up.

We then continued with project Mimi catch, amid loud Monty howling from my car! Making things even harder was big Beau, Mimi’s boyfriend, who was also trying to eat out of the trap, and he would definitely need the larger size if he is to keep his tail undamaged.

Eventually things were under control, with tempting food inside the trap and Beau out of the way. Pam and I stood right back and watched Mimi go in, hoping that finally we would have success after months of trying to catch this wily little madam.

Well wily she is and also very dainty. She managed to eat all the food without knocking over the little wire fence that triggers the door mechanism. She merely put one paw each side, and having eaten, carefully backed out again! I then tried to lure her back in while I sat by it ready to help shut the door, but only with partial success as she had already by this time eaten a hearty breakfast.

SO we try again this afternoon. I am very nervous of trying to shut the door when she is not properly in, although a shove on her bottom is obviously an option. We are so close to sorting the Mimi problem, and if she gets scared of this trap by an abortive attempt, then we have really run out of options. Mimi will then lose her chance of a more secure future, and we will have more little Xabi’s to catch and re-home every 6 months.

Wish us luck. We have an appointment with vet Miguel for tomorrow am at 11am for Mimi that we are both determined to meet, even if it now means Mimi spending tonight in the trap.

I have to admit to finding this bit very tough as I hate distressing these lovely animals, but I know this is the right thing for her. She will have a tough few weeks, but then will hopefully be happy and safe and looked after for the rest of her life.

Monty meanwhile is hopefully calming down in Pam’s study. He is much more tame than Mimi and we are hoping will settle without the need of a cage for the 2 weeks we must wait for the next transport to Germany.

More news later! AND if you haven’t already, check my post earlier this week for video and great photos of this lovely pair.

4 thoughts on “Monty & Mimi Catching!

  1. Pam Roberts

    What a morning – she is one very clever cat but is not going to beat us – Monty has quietened down in my Computer Room and is hiding under a table – but in time will come out and eat and settle down – hopefully!!I have to catch him tomorrow and take him with Sandra for his blood test to Miguel – basically he is a lovely gentle cat but Mimi is trying what little patience I have left for her.Wish us luck this afternoon – have lovely chicken on the menu and Monty wont be around to distract her and the black and white cat is going to have a sample of the water pistol if he doesnt back off!!!!

  2. Sands Post author

    Great definitely on for this afternoon at 6ish. Nicola (what a star) will take her tonight if we succeed and keep her in the trap until her appointment tomorrow.

  3. Pam Roberts

    Well – its the second day of Monty in my computer room, he certainly likes to be petted and is eating well and using the litter tray – BUT definitely wants to be outside.I will give him a few more days inside and then let him out on the balcony for a play around in the freshair.Problem is – he is a very active agile cat and could possibly leap over the rakas we have installed either end of our long balcony – will test it out soon otherwise he will become stir crazy!!!So pleased we caught him and Mimi = what a great life in Germany they have ahead of them.Why would anyone want to put poison down for these 2 lovely cats – a horrible death – god help anyone I see doing this.

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