Monty & Mimi in Germany

tn_21.07.09 001

Looking Quite Settled

Great pictures of Monty and Mimi from their new Mum who sounds lovely and already completely besotted as she should be. Monty does sound a little stir-crazy but I am sure once he is settled he will be able to explore his lovely new garden and the countryside around.

tn_21.07.09 003

Mimi In The Most Comfy Place As Usual
21.07.09 004

Lovely Protective Monty
21.07.09 008

Little Mimi
tn_21.07.09 007

Husband Monty

This is the email I received along with the photos:

“Now, the two sweeties are for 5 days with me and so gaaaaanz slow thaw them. They no longer hide themselves so often and this morning, we succeeded with photos of them.

I would … these two magnificent cats EVERYTHING forgive. When the two really get started is nothing, absolutely nothing safe from them The toys will be distributed in all the rooms and they are literally
on tables and benches, so that it is a pleasure to watch. Monty, of course, has a strong urge to sit outside and very often scratches the window, but it is still too early to let him out.

Both make me much joy and I have no regret in any way that they have been brought to me.”

Kerstin also commented that they appeared to be “romping through the house”!!!

All sounds great and just the start of a lovely new life for these 2. To read more of their story and see pictures of their new home, please click on their names in the Tag Cloud.

2 thoughts on “Monty & Mimi in Germany

  1. Chris

    Brilliant to see and hear!!

    Funny but I miss them 🙁 I was trimming the smoked salmon for breakfast this morning and for years have always put some aside for these two as a treat ….. seemed strange not to be doing that today BUT am si happy that they are settled and happy in Germany.

  2. Sands Post author

    Yes I miss them too, but I am SO happy for them and can’t wait for pictures of them outside in the garden. Then their world will be perfect. As Kerstin said, if she was a cat, she would like to live in their new home!

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