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Wow we have had a very stressful weekend. BAD decision of mine to put Monty in a different place to Mimi. I knew that Mimi needed to be in a cage to start off with, but as Monty is more tame, I didn’t want to put him through that, SO we decided that Pam could have him in her computer room. What I didn’t take into account enough was that he is NOT an abandoned tame cat; he is a semi-feral and he was quite distressed at being inside. I also didn’t take into account quite how in love he is with little Mimi.

In the night on Friday he escaped from the window of Pam’s study! Whether this was just a bid for freedom or a search for Mimi we are not sure. PAM is on the third floor so he didn’t jump but went sideways across 2 balconies. Whether by design or luck he ended up immediately below Mimi.

I spent Saturday completely stressed as I felt responsible for his safety and at this stage we didn’t actually know where he was. The 2 apartments to the left below Mimi are currently empty, so Mary set about trying to track down owners and keys so that we could get access.

It wasn’t until the middle of Saturday night that we knew he was Ok when he woke Pam up by coming back to her balcony in search of food, and to dig up John’s plants for his toilet! Then at least we knew where he was. Nicola also reported that him and Mimi had spent most of the night calling to one another! Basically nobody got much sleep. I couldn’t actually hear them from my end of the building, but kept waking up worrying, and checking my email for updates from Pam.

Yesterday we did managed to get the key to one of the apartments, but Monty then decided to settle down on the one in between that we didn’t have access to! He was so distressed and kept yelling at us whenever we called to him. I tried setting the cat trap but he had no interest in food. We also put Mimi into a carrying case and brought her down to attract him. He did come over to her, calling even louder, but didn’t seem to be able to work out where she was, inside the box.

In the end my husband braved the climb round the wall onto the balcony where Monty was and chased him back to where I was. He was SOooo afraid and angry but when I touched him he calmed right down and let me stroke him and pick him up.

He is now in the big cage with Mimi and both are calm and ok. BIG relief!!! They really are husband and wife. Big Beau was only for kittens because Monty was castrated last year!!! When we put Monty in the cage with Mimi after a few minutes he licked her head, and then she cuddled right up to him and started purring! Now she is eating well and cleaning and everybody is happy. Monty is SOooo sweet! He lies at the front of the cage to protect her. Basically he has been looking after her all her life, as he was with Saidi, her mother, when the kittens were born.

I’ve been to check on them again this morning and Monty wanted lots of strokes from me. He is still being very protective of Mimi and keeps putting his arms around her. Tomorrow we will take them to the vet for final injections etc. and then the plan is to let them out of the cage into one room to give them more space.

I am so happy that we have found them a home together in Germany where they can be happy and outside, even more so now that I have realised just how close they actually are.

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  1. Pam Roberts

    It was a very stressfull weekend, I think I managed 2 hours sleep the night he escaped.Sandra was fantastic with him, talking quietly and stroking him and he just calmed down and she picked him up and we popped him in the carrying cage.When I went up to see them both this morning I couldnt believe what I saw – 2 calm happy cats, obviously madly in love with each other and Monty rolling over and wanting to be petted by Sandra.Then they cuddled up together in one basket and were totally at peace.Let’s hope the peace lasts because Monty has the loudest Siamese meeow ever heard.They cannot be separated again, thank goodness they are being rehomed together in a village atmosphere in Germany where they can go outside and have a ‘happy everafter life’ together.Monty is the most beautiful cat but I am still very nervous of Mimi although Sandra can now touch her -even after we have been feeding her for so long in Calle Alcor,So glad they off the street.

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