Monty & Mimi

Monty and Mimi are our ‘special’ strays because we have been feeding both of them since they were kittens, and Mimi is also my Saidi’s daughter, AND the mother of little Xabi kitten. Monty is now about two and a half, and Mimi one and a half and they are great friends.

Of course if I had had all the knowledge, involvement and contacts that I now have, when they were small, then I would have re-homed them both ages ago. The other bigger male in the video is Xabi’s father and Mimi’s boyfriend Beau. I think she would have chosen Monty but he was castrated last year.

Monty as you can see from the video, has become pretty tame in the last year, and Beau also looks promising for re-homing, being a big, gentle boy, but Mimi remains a problem. She lets me touch her when she is eating but doesn’t really like it and is proving really hard to catch. Now however, as I have posted before, we have a home in Germany for them both together where they can live outside and be safe and cared for. As you can see from these photos, they are both beautiful cats, and certainly deserve this chance. For all the previous posts about these 2, please click on their names in the Tag Cloud.


Good Friends


Lovely Little Mimi


Lovely Little Mimi


Beautiful Monty


Beautiful Monty


Beautiful Monty


Lovely Little Mimi


Lovely Little Mimi


Beautiful Monty


Mimi’s Beau


Mimi’s Beau

5 thoughts on “Monty & Mimi

  1. Chris

    Shows them as great buddies, nice post 🙂

  2. Pam Roberts

    I cant wait to get Monty established in my Computer Room with a warm bed and food in front of him.I think he will settle in and after a few days will let him out to play on the balconey as I did with Kasper Cat.He is such a lovely gentle animal and deserves to be taken off the street.Mimi however is still proving very hard to catch but we will win in the end.

  3. Mary

    I too am looking forward to seeing how Monty gets on in Pam’s computer room! He is a lovely cat and it will be strange not seeing him on Calle Alcor but loovely to know he has a safe and secure home to go to. I just hope Mimi cooperates!

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