Monty Under Siege

I posted a few days ago on the problems we are having with a Monster Moggie Tomcat who has turned up on Calle Alcor and appears to be terrorising our stray cats. This is actually very frustrating as one of the strays is Monty our beautiful siamese, whom we have been feeding and looking after for nearly 2 years since he was a little kitten, and the aggressive Tom Cat causing the problems has a new new collar, is tame, I’m sure has a home and does not need our support. Monty on the other hand is a very gentle cat and is at risk of losing his food source.

We were REALLY worried about him in the 2-3 weeks leading up to Xmas as we hadn’t seen him at all and feared he had been scared off. I was therefore very relieved to see him again and to be able to report that he is healthy and no thinner. This means that he has found another kind person to feed him, is a good hunter, or is sneaking back to eat the dry food we put out when his tormentor is not at large. However this is not a good situation and I remain worried for the future of this beautiful animal.

We did catch Monty last spring, with the hope of finding him a home via the cat rescue and German organisation. He was castrated, and had all his vaccinations but showed no sign of wanting any human contact in the 3 weeks he spent at the Casa, so we decided at the time that the best option was to set him free and continue to look after him. This seemed a good plan until recently when I realised how vulnerable he is to more aggressive animals.

This afternoon I went out to feed tha Alcor cats around 5pm and found Monty and little Mimi (my Saidi’s daughter) waiting for me. They were just starting to tuck into their food when Monster Moggie appeared again and literally chased Monty into a tree, followed him up and attacked him in the branches, at one point leaving poor Monty hanging by 2 paws! I shouted at the interloper, who eventually came down from the tree, leaving me to then coax Monty down for his supper. Both Monty and little Mimi seem really terrified of this brute, SO I have decided that one of my aims for January is to try again to get these 2 off the street.

Monty in the last 3 months has decided that he does like being stroked, which is hopefully a sign that he might respond better to humans if we try again. He certainly shouldn’t be hard to catch. Mimi will be more difficult but she is no more wild than her kittens that we did manage to grab and take to the Casa, and who are now in Germany.

What will be needed are foster homes for a few weeks, and particularly in Mimi’s case someone with time and patience to get her confidence. Monty I do think will be easier, but I’m not too sure how he will respond to being shut in anywhere, and I definitely think he needs space and access to outside in any final home we find for him.

I want to try for these 2 special animals because we are so fond of them and have already invested so much time, so if anyone feels they might be able to help up, please get in touch. I’m aiming to take recent photos in the next week and put together a catch plan, so will post again on this soon.

10 thoughts on “Monty Under Siege

  1. Chris

    They should be a priority, and hopefully you can get them sorted as they are indeed very nice cats!

  2. Pam Roberts

    Mary came up with an excellent idea this evening re the Monster Moggie – if we could borrow Gisela’s small machine for registering whether an animal is microchipped maybe wwe could catch him and see if he has been chipped – take down the number and see if Begonia – our local Vet – can tell us who owns him and then approach the owners.He has to have an owner because his bell and collar have been replaced since he appeared on the scene.Maybe we could do a deal with the owner and have him kept indoors when we feed our strays – they are all getting quite twitchy with this persistant cat.

  3. Sands Post author

    Definitely sounds like an idea. I look forward to the results of this cunning plan! There is also the option that his little yellow ball might contain a phone number.

  4. Pam Roberts

    Had a raging battle with Monster Mog this am – Monty came running across the road – very fussy with me and I gave him lots of petting – THEN Big Mog appeared on the scene but I made Monty stand his ground and carry on eating – but the pressure got too much and he ran up a tree – so I fed him in the tree – we have got to find out where Monster Mog comes from.

  5. Mary

    I have friends who live in Calle Milano who assure me that they have seen Monty around all the time. He and Mimi are often in their garden or out sunning themselves on the golf course – in fact, Mimi appeared while I was there this afternoon. Hence, I suspect that Monty has been chosing his feeding times so as not to coincide with Monster Moggie.

  6. Jenny

    Poor Monty, and Mimi too, this really isn’t fair. I do agree with Sands that Monty requires a lot of space, and really needs to be ‘free’ – therefore the ideal for him would be a campo home so that he would have human contact and a source of food – but also the freedom to roam. That’s likely to be a tall order I know, but it would be ideal.

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