Moose the friendly dog was shot dead by a cop

A man in Michigan was just trying to do the right thing when he called the police about a fight that broke out at a local gas station. Yet no one on the scene had any idea that the phone call would end with an innocent animal murdered. As soon as the cop arrived on the scene, Moose, the caller’s beloved pup, approached the police vehicle in a friendly way — his body language was loose and his tail was wagging. But the officer immediately shot Moose four times. Conveniently, the officer’s body camera “stopped working” just before the incident, but someone who had been filming with a drone in the area caught the whole heartbreaking ordeal on video.

Sign now to demand that the police officer who slaughtered an innocent animal be fired immediately!

Cops kill between 25 and 30 dogs in the United States every day. What’s shocking about this number is that it is likely an underestimate, because police are not required to report animals they shoot on the job. The problem is so out of control that the Department of Justice recently declared the number of dog deaths at the hands of police officers an epidemic. Yet as families are left dealing with the trauma of the sudden, violent loss of their furry friends, officers almost never suffer any consequences. 

The time is now to begin holding officers accountable for their abuse against animals! Sign now if you agree that this Inkster, Michigan police officer should be fired immediately for slaughtering Moose!

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