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I have been exchanging emails today with Kerstin about Mimi and Monty. It is looking likely that we may be able to email their prospective adoptee directly which will put everyone’s mind at rest. Kerstin found this great home for Monty and Mimi several weeks ago, which is why I am now seriously trying to catch them.

This is good news, but obviously we will miss them as we have fed these 2 since kittenhood and for Monty this has been for 2 years. I am also feeling very protective and will worry about them for a while after they leave us. Kerstin understands all of this and today sent me this nice email:

“I understand that you all will miss them but it is saver for them and here they can go out, too… in freedom and peace for always”

Monty is much less wild now and likes to be stroked, but even for him this is a great solution. He can stay with his wild little friend Mimi, and will be able to run free in the country, with a nice safe home to go back to and be fed and loved.

All great but I do hope Mrs Bramslepe will be happy to keep in touch.

1 thought on “More News From Germany

  1. Chris

    Will be brilliant toget them to Germany, more that you could ever have hoped for when you first started feeding them.

    Will also mean you can soon cross Calle Alcor off the feeding area list which will be a great help timewise AND will make the locals happy as they will see a very tangible result of all th ehard work you guys have put in

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