More than 400 dogs killed in one day

A stray dog notices a new human it hasn’t met before and wanders up. Having lived among a neighborhood of friendly humans its whole life, it doesn’t think anything’s wrong. That’s when the human — a member of a government agency — grabs the dog, ties its legs shut, and poisons it to death. This is how the government in Pakistan’s capital city of Karachi is dealing with its stray dog population. The mass-cull started last month in March 2021, and already the Health Department has killed more than 1,350 dogs, mostly by poisoning. On one single Saturday alone, officials killed upwards of 400 dogs.

Neighborhood activists are urging the government to adopt a spay-and-neuter instead. This would be a much more humane and long-term effective way to reduce the number of stray dogs in the city, yet the Karachi Health Department has no itention of changing course. In fact, the law says officials can kill off these dogs in whatever lethal way they choose. Residents of Karachi are so disturbed by what their government is doing, they’re taking to the streets to hold protests against these dog-murders. It’s our duty to stand with them! Tell the government of Karachi, Pakistan to immediately cease their mass cull of stray dogs!

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