Moreno Is 6 Today

Mori, the start of my love affair with cats is 6 today! He is a VERY special cat with a lot of attitude. Some may say too much attitude! but to Chris and I and our 4 other cats, Saidi, Oscar, Fleur and Dusky, he is just magnificent. He is brave, fearless and macho, but also caring to the youngsters and loving. He is definitely a huge character, and not the cat for every home, but we have always loved him from the start, and are honoured to have him in our lives. To me, anyone who doesn’t love Mori, just doesn’t understand cats! He is VERY special, and already hundreds of cats owe him thanks for their happy lives, because without him there would be no AlStrays and no Mori wagon runs to Germany! Happy birthday king cat. We all love you!!!

Mori this Week

3 thoughts on “Moreno Is 6 Today

  1. MaPu

    Happy Birthday Mori,
    you are great!!!!
    and i know you are a prince as my Simba…haha

  2. elaine

    Happy belated birthday Mori,

    We owe you so much xxxx

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