Mori’s 6th Anniversary

14/11/12: Today it is 6 years since Mori came into our home and my life started to change completely. Mori was the very first cat that I fell in love with and he really was the inspiration behind the work I do with AlStrays. Anyone who has met him will know that he is a very special cat. He is brave, macho and full of cattitude and as we have slowly adopted 5 more cats, he is also very much the boss cat in our house, protecting his family from human intruders!!! Most visitors don’t actually see the also loving fun animal that Chris and I know. Only we are allowed to pick him up and cuddle him! Mori now has 3 cat buddies (Oscar, Dusky and little Kasper), one little wife Fleur who chose our king cat for her husband, AND one slightly stroppy mother figure Said to argue with! He is now 6 and a half years old but is still very young at heart, and a completely magnificent animal! Happy anniversary Mori. There will be prawns later!!!

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