Multiple animals dead, and 26 others wasting away

America, again! Get a grip.

Twenty-Six Animals Nearly Perished from Hunger and Heat Exhaustion.

Animal rescuers with the Humane Society recently saved upwards of 25 animals from a home in Missouri. The rescued animals included ten cats — 5 of which were kittens, nine dogs, five chickens, one gerbil, and a type of possum known as a sugar glider. The animal rescue operations took place at a key moment. Record-breaking heat waves have been sweeping across the U.S. and the world — and Missouri is no exception. When investigators arrived, they found animals visibly distressed from the high temperatures. But sadly, some animals didn’t make it long enough to benefit from the rescue. Multiple dead animal carcasses littered the home’s property.

The surviving animals showed other signs of severe neglect as well. Someone failed to provide these innocent beings with adequate food. Multiple dogs were horrifically underweight and badly malnourished. The cats were filthy and veterinarians worried that the kittens might have died if they’d been neglected any longer. Luckily, these 26 pets are now safe and receiving the appropriate medical care they need in order to heal and, later, thrive. So far, we don’t know what steps authorities have taken to keep future animals safe from the people who inflicted such pain. But one thing is for certain: the people behind this neglect and cruelty should never be trusted with animals again. Sign the petition to tell Missouri authorities to protect animals, by banning this abuser from future pet ownership!

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