My Phlogs Added To Blog

Just a quick update on this blog. You may have noticed a new section in the header bar called ‘My Phlogs’. These are audio updates on my work with the strays, recorded usually as it happens. They are fun and are also keeping the Almerimar Strays blog fully up to date with the latest technology! Thank you Chris!!!

The phlogs feature on my site but are also accessible via SO I’m hoping that some new people who are techy savvy and into phlogs, might be interested in mine, and via them may find my blog and become aware of what we are doing here. Every little helps.

Each time I record a new phlog, I will be sending out a Tweet in the same way that I do for each new post, SO you will also be able to see if a new one is available by checking out the ‘recent tweets’ section of the blog, as well as just clicking on ‘My Phlogs’ .

Anyway they will make a change from reading my updates; now you have me chatting to you instead! Enjoy!!!


1 thought on “My Phlogs Added To Blog

  1. Chris

    You are welcome. Now everyone else can enjoy listening to you as much as I do xx

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