Navy SEAL Asks for Help Saving Kitten: He Can’t do it Alone

Bravo Six was found next to a dumpster, desperately trying to find scraps to eat. Just a tiny kitten, she was starving, scared and alone.

Miraculously, Navy SEAL Nathan found the weak kitten before it was too late. His heart broke when he saw her suffering alone.

Without hesitation, Nathan brought her inside to safety and his team sprang into action. They immediately set up a video conference with a U.S. veterinarian to have the tiny, helpless kitten observed. Together, they carefully nursed her to health and brought her weak and tiny body back from the brink of death. Now that the team’s deployment is ending, Bravo Six is at risk again.

Donate $35 now to save Bravo Six.

While he nursed Bravo Six, Nathan absolutely fell in love with her and so did the other SEALs on his team. The kitten is so attached to Nathan, but other sailors pitch in to care for her and keep her company when he is away.

Nathan and his team are true American heroes. This Veterans day, you can honor them by donating to Bravo Six’s rescue. Your donation will help the team complete a mission they can’t accomplish alone.

Nathan tells us Bravo Six absolutely loves people. He can’t imagine leaving her alone to fend for herself.

The SEAL certainly did not intend for a kitten to capture his heart while on deployment. He simply saved a helpless animal who would have otherwise died. He did exactly what you or I would have done, Chris.

Now that the team’s deployment is ending, the SEALs won’t be able to keep Bravo Six safe any longer. The thought breaks Nathan’s heart. He is counting on your generosity to rescue the kitten who now means so much to him.

Bravo Six will struggle to survive if she is left behind. The Middle East is a dangerous place for stray cats.Please don’t put off your donation, every dollar counts in this critical rescue.

This kitty has done so much for Navy SEAL Nathan and now he wants to ensure Bravo Six has a safe and loving home.

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  1. Victoria

    Do you know what happened to this kitten?

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    Sorry no, not had an update.

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