Nearly 15% of Florida’s sweet, gentle manatees died last year

Don’t understand why this has been allowed to happen, or that they are even debating the solution!

A whopping 1,100 Florida manatees died last year — a tragic record for the state. This leaves less than 8,000 manatees total in the wild, a shocking blow to a cherished population of curious, playful sea creatures. Manatees are “gentle and slow-moving” animals, and a huge amount of their time is split between resting and eating — this aquatic mammal has its priorities straight! But lately, manatees can’t seem to find enough sea grass to eat — pollution and overdevelopment of manatee habitats and feeding grounds are causing a mass starvation.

But experts have an idea — dump hydrilla and water hyacinth, fast-growing plants that manatees could feed on — into Florida waterways. But this has already faced opposition from officials who claim it would be too difficult. Let’s be clear: once manatees are gone forever, we cannot bring them back. Difficult situations require difficult solutions, and this one will require extensive efforts from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Sign the petition to urge cooperation from Florida officials to save the manatees!

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