Neighbors can hear and see this woman abusing her dogs

For almost 25 years, a woman in Gainesville, Florida has reportedly been openly, cruelly abusing dogs in and outside of her home. Neighbors have filed reports, taken photos and videos, and begged authorities to save the poor dogs in her care. But since the first report filed in 1997, police and animal services have failed to help these defenseless animals. Sign the petition and demand that Loren Cava’s dogs are removed from her home, and that she be banned from owning animals ever again!

Many, many neighbors have witnessed Cava’s mistreatment of her animals. They have seen everything from her dragging her dogs, to hitting and beating them. One neighbor even saw her use a hard, sharp umbrella to inflict violence on one of her pups. When she takes her dogs back inside, neighbors continue to hear crying and howling from behind the walls. If she harms them this way in public, we can only imagine what may be going on behind closed doors. Sign the petition if you want every single dog seized from this woman’s home and her rights to own any animals ever again revoked!

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