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Kasper was one of our Calle Alcor cats, and having spent several weeks being charming at Pam’s, he has a special place in our hearts. When he was first abandoned, due to his bullying of Monty and Mimi, we weren’t overly fond of him, but once he was inside we realised that he was to people a total charmer, desperate for love and affection.

He travelled to his new home in Germany in May, but because he is a ‘special one’, I recently asked for another update on how he was doing. This came back from Germany today:

so lovely Cäsar or also Carlo, because he is a spainish cat, has a big fear of the geman winter (because it is very cold) and so he gets a bigger and bigger belly for bad times on the heater… He is still tame and cuddle like before, likes to eat very much and everyone who comes into the house likes Cäsar… Up to now he did not learn to say a loud “miau”, he only says very quiet “cheep” like a baby… If Anja leaves the house and put him in front of the housedoor for bellymuscletraining, he directly goes into the housedoor of her parents and sleeps on the same thick belly of her father until she comes back home.He feels very well… If she will find an actual photo, she will sent it to us, otherwise she will send us a nice picture in the next few days…”

SO it appears all is VERY well with him, and he is being totally spoilt. I am particularly pleased that he has his fat belly back, as when we first saw him on the street he was far from thin. He then became sad and thin and even Pam failed to give him back his belly in the time he was with her. Now it seems he is back to his full glory and confidence! I look forward to new pictures, and once again am SO impressed by the organisation we work with in Germany, and Kasper’s new parents. They by the way seem to have gone for Carlos as his name, and Kerstin still knows him by the original name of Caesar that we gave him!


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  1. Pam Roberts

    This was one of the most affectionate cuddle cats I have fostered and was very sorry to see him go – he got on with my cats and dog Rufus and settled in very well – but had to be lying across you all the time.I tried to fatten him up to his former glory but didnt quite make it before his departure to pastures new.Glad to hear that they love him and that he has settled in.

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