14/09/12: Octavio also travelled to Germany 08.09 to a lovely home with a safe balcony and 2 other visually impaired cats. All is fine and he is slowly making friends: “Octavio has settled in well. At first he was a very beautiful ornament, keeping away from us but that has changed in the wink of an eye. Now he is a cuddler and charmer and has us all wrapped around his fingers. Initially there was a little hissing , but that was because he did not smell so good after 24+ hours in his box. I cleaned him up and lo and behold Peppi no longer has a problem and Olga only when he runs up to 5 cm. It’s really funny to see how these 2 encourage each other to play. Peppi will need a little longer, because, as she is completely blind, Octavio does not understand what she wants. I’m sure soon, all 3 will be best friends. Thanks again, it was a good decision to take Octavio.

02/09/12: Here is the very gorgeous Octavio, now doing really well at Montse’s after being shot in the eye with an air rifle pellet. Montse found him in a very bad way out on the streets. The infection in his injured eye is long gone, but he has scar tissue and is now sadly blind in this eye. He is however now very healthy, has one very beautiful blue eye, and is a very chilled quiet lovely boy. Here’s hoping he will have his chance of a secure, permanent home in germany very soon.

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