October Transport

23/10/11: All the cats arrived well in Germany, AND Briken. Already the first feedback is coming in. A big thankyou to Chris and Kerstin for driving. Chris has also arrived safely at Martina’s for the night!!!

22/10/11 17:45: Briken the dog joined the transport at Jaen and just over an hour ago our last passengers (4 cats from another animal sanctuary), were loaded just north of Valencia. Latest news is that the transport should be 3 hours early in Germany, making the first stop at Bruchsal at 10am. This is good news for all 25 cats and 1 dog. I will be thinking of them, and awaiting further news, but I am much happier that we are now running our own transports and have Chris and Kerstin looking after them this trip.
22/10/11 04:20: Carmen, Maria, Henrietta and Roxy set off in the transport from Almerimar at 4.30am! with Chris and Kerstin. 05:00: Iris, Galahad, Franz, Hutch, Tauschule, Bruxita, and Indiana from Montse, AND Iker, Bibian and Lola from the Alondra’s cat rescue, all joined the transport in Almeria. Next stop near Mojacar!
0700: Marble, Pooh, Tinks, Thomas, Toto, Jack and Otis joined the transport at Los Gallardos. The first 3 are my sponsored cats, and the other 4 are from PAWs Mojacar. I am particularly happy for Otis as he has been in the cattery for over a year, and is now off to a lovely foster home with a garden.

This is the latest (20th October: 3pm) update on the next transport to Germany this weekend. It will be a little different this time as it is the first where one of the German Girls (Kerstin) is flying in to drive back with the cats. There are a number of reasons we want to try this:

– Flights into Malaga are really cheap if booked at the right time
– It allows the Girls to get a look and feel for what we do at this end
– There are more of them so hopefully if a rota can be established nobody does it too often
– As we drive back from Germany on the Monday & Tuesday we don’t have to find people who aren’t working or who are happy to give up a few days work, or alternatively pay people for their time
– It allows us more flexibility on the way back, and means we don’t have to rush back each time.

Also this trip is different as we are transporting a rescued Spanish Galgo from a rescue centre in Jaén to Frankfurt where it has a new home, and are also transporting two cats from Mojacar to the UK as their owners have moved back to live in the UK.

As such is a slightly different route, a stricter timetable, and there are NO large boxes available on this transport.

We will be loading cats as usual in Almerimar and collecting them in Almeria and Los Gallardos on Saturday 22nd, but we must leave Los Gallardos by 7am. we are also picking up four cats in Valencia at Junction 504 of the motorway for another re-homing organisation who are using our transport service for the first time.

Schedule of Pick Ups

Almerimar: Loading 4.00am Depart 4.30am. 4 Cats: Carmen, Maria, Roxy, Henrietta

Almeria: Loading 5am Depart 5.30am. 9 Cats: Iris, Galahad, Franz, Iker, Hutch, Lola & Bibian, Bruxita, Indiana

Los Gallardos: Loading 6.30am Depart 7am. 12 Cats: Rupert & Kya, Jack, Toto, 4 from Angeles, Thomas, Marble, Pooh, Tink, Otis

Jaén: Picking Briken up at 10am

Valencia: Junction 504 picking up 4 cats from Angelas

You can see the completed lists, box details, and position in the van on the Transport Schedule

You can download the box layout in the van here

Schedule for Drive

We will be stopping every three hours as normal to check on the cats and let Briken stretch his legs. We will drive straight through, with a brief stop for a sleep at some stage.

We are dropping cats off at two locations in Germany Bruchsal and Wallau

Jaén to Bruchsal is 2,000km, and including stops should take 26 hours. We will leave Jaén by 10.30am so the ETA at Bruchsal is 1pm.

Will be dropping the remaining cats at Wallau at 3pm

Half an hour to unload the cats and then dropping off Briken at his new home.

Will be staying over night in Wallau so Rupert & Mya get a run around and some food, and we will load up any donations BUT the rear section of the van MUST be left clear for Rupert & Mya and a delivery I am picking up in the UK to bring back to Spain.

Monday we are taking Rupert & Mya to the UK. Is 600km to Calais, so 7 hour drive. Booked on the 1420 Shuttle so departing Wallau at 6.30am.

On the drive back will drop off donated items and returned boxes as relevant at Camping Los Gallardos and Miguels (vet) in Almeria on Wednesday 26th. Time TBC but will be in the afternoon probably between 4pm and 6pm.

As ever will provide regular updates via Twitter so keep an eye on the sidebar or the News Page

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