On bile farms, bears have holes bored into their gallbladders or invasive catheters “milk” them

Lovely eh! Why would anyone think it is right to do this to an animal!?

Paddington the Bear Was Saved From A Cruel Bile Farm. We Must Send All Remaining Bears on Bile Farms to Sanctuaries!

In an amazing victory, a sweet, jam-loving bear named Paddington was rescued from the tragic conditions of a bile farm in Vietnam by the heroes at Animals Asia and sent to the safety of a sanctuary in Tam Dao. But hundreds of bears are still languishing on these farms throughout the country — part of an exploitative industry that runs on abuse and mistreatment. 

Bears like Paddington are confined to tiny cages and then forced to endure one of many horrific bile extraction techniques. Sometimes this means using catheters to “milk” bile, other times, this means literally creating holes in a bear’s gall bladder to extract the bile that way. All of these techniques are vile, abusive, and subject innocent animals to cruel and unusual suffering.

Bile extraction and taking new bears from the wild were both technically made illegal in 2005, a huge victory and a sign of good faith that the Vietnamese government was on the side of animal welfare. But enforcement has been spotty, and movement to free bears has been slow — there are an estimated ~300 of these animals still in cruel facilities that may never know the freedom or safety of a sanctuary. Sign the petition demanding the government expedite the freeing of all remaining farmed bears and send them to sanctuaries!

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