On this farm, feral animals ate captive pigs alive while corpses rotted on the floor

Good news, but not enough!

Flat House Farm was one of the largest pig factory farms in the United Kingdom. Then an investigation revealed that not only had the company been harming its captive animals — it had also broken UK law.

The animal rights organization Viva! conducted an investigation, and its footage from inside the company’s facilities were damning.

Video depicts feral cats eating pigs alive, emaciated pigs living in horrific conditions, and rotting corpses sprawled on the floor of the factory. 

Now, thankfully, this abusive factory farm operation has finally shut down! UK regulators must ensure no other farms can get away with this type of cruelty again.

The farm’s parent company, Elvidge Farms Ltd, pled guilty to breaching animal welfare and was fined. But without the external investigation by the animal rights group, it is unclear if Flat House Farm would have ever been shut down at all.

We must encourage the United Kingdom’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to step up its regulatory enforcement and ensure no other factory farms ever produce the conditions that Flat House Farm did. 

Sign the petition to thank the UK government for its enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act of 2006, and demand even faster, stricter enforcement in the future.

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