One Beautiful Siamese Boy

10/04/14:Heston is a very special cat from SOS Pechina. When I first saw him there in January he was so afraid he was acting like a semi-feral cat, and I was unable to take good photos or to even touch him, but later he did let me closer and I was able to put him up for adoption as a beautiful slightly nervous boy. A lovely woman in Germany quickly chose Heston (at 6 years old) as a new friend for her older gentle male cat, and we thought we had found the perfect home. I took him out of Pechina quickly and he spent his last 10 days here at foster home Pam. This is where Heston changed rapidly. Within a day he stopped hiding from us and let us stroke him, and by day 2 he was talking in a quiet little voice and showing us his stomach! Heston was not really nervous at all, but was slowly recovering from what had been a horrible couple of months for him in Pechina.

His new Mum was very happy about all of this and really looking forward to meeting him. I meanwhile took him to my vet for his final checks, and by this time Heston was feeling much more confident and had found some attitude and his BIG siamese voice. He was also starting to become more demanding and showing actually quite a strong character! We all loved him here and wished him a good life as he headed off to Germany 29.03. The first 2-3 days were fine. He made friends very quickly with his new Mum and she loved him. Then things started to go wrong. Heston was introduced properly to his new gentle friend, and decided that he would like to have a rather strong fight with him. We think this was boy play but the poor older Tomcat was terrified, and it quickly became obvious that the new Heston, with confidence restored, was much too strong a cat for this home.

The latest news is however all good. Heston has gone to live with Fee, a beautiful siamese cat, previously from me, and today I received fantastic new photos of a very happy relaxed boy. This was a trial home but after 1 week his Mum loves him and has decided to keep him for ever, Meanwhile the gentle older tomcat has a new trial girlfriend. His Mum has decided to try Little Lady Nikita as a much softer more gentle alternative to Heston! I am hoping this will work well for both of them, and I am waiting for further news as to whether Fee is agreeing to strong play fighting with Heston or has put him firmly in his place!

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