Only One Patient

This is a slightly amusing correction to my previous post. Today we only had one cat sterilised … the male. Having tranquilised the female, Jos and Miguel fortunately noticed the tell-tale snip in one of her ears, which signals that she has already been spayed! Thank goodness they DID notice, before putting the poor cat through an unnecessary procedure!

Pam and I were left feeling slightly bemused, firstly that we HADN’T noticed, and secondly as to who may have previously sterilised this cat.

Anyway here’s hoping, although unlikely, that it isn’t just a very uniform ‘tear’ in the ear from a fight or something. I completely understand why Miguel decided not to operate, but she will be watched for any signs of expansion in this obvious mating season!

Meanwhile our lovely male is recovery from his minor surgery at Gisela’s, and as the male operation for all species is really such a ‘doddle’, Pam will be picking him up tomorrow to re-unite him with his friends on the rocks.

And sorry from us to the poor female, who had to endure the journey, tests and injections AND about 50 dogs, apparently all for nothing! She was VERY happy to be back outside and tucked into the masses of cooked chicken that someone had kindly left for the cats.

I’m pleased to report that she didn’t seem too traumatised by her experience, and also that the 2 females we sterilised last week (apart from a little redness on Tabby’s wound) are looking healthy and well. Meanwhile on Calle Alcor, little Mimi cat appears to have forgiven my abortive attempt to grab her and came out happily to eat as usual this afternoon. I’m not sure, however, that I have forgiven her yet, as my bitten hand is aching quite badly … the little madame!!!

2 thoughts on “Only One Patient

  1. Sands Post author

    Lovely male returned today to a welcome committee from his buddies on the rocks, after his night away. All seems well.

  2. Pam Roberts

    I collected the male cat from Gisela’s yesterday, no problem getting him out of the lovely clean holding cage and into the carrying cage.Drove back to Almerimar and released him onto the rocks – there was a lovely welcoming committee waiting for him and they all fussed around him.He tucked into the food and crunchies and then sat on the wall washing himself.So – all the cats on the rocks apart from Chivers the huge ginger tom have been successfully ‘done’ and can now lead happy uneventfull lives.Chivers is next.!!!!

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