Oregon must ban live animal performances!

Oregon Might Finally Ban Cruel Animal Entertainment Shows. Tell Lawmakers to Protect Animals!

Using live animals in performances is cruel. Period. That’s why it’s so exciting to learn that the Oregon state legislature is considering banning the use of many animals for traveling animal acts!

We need to make sure Oregon lawmakers actually pass this bill. Sign the petition to make your voice heard!

When animals perform for human entertainment, it hurts them in a variety of ways. The animals are ripped away from their families – sold off as props and torn away from the only life they’ve ever known.

After that, they spend most of their days in tight cages without room to roam freely, exercise their natural behaviors, or engage with others of their kind. To get from show to show, humans haul them onto tight, unpleasant vehicles to transport them without their consent, as though they were simply cargo.

On top of that, trainers often use brutal methods to force the animals to do unnatural tricks. 

Oregon lawmakers must pass House Bill 3214 and finally ban humans from using animals in traveling entertainment shows! Sign the petition to speak out for the animals.

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