Orlando & Asterix Siam-mix Kittens

17/03/11: Today I found again the first ever photo I had of darling Asterix, with his family.

Both his brother and sister have been re-homed happily in Germany. Mum was rather wild, so is living free on a friend’s land!

Asterix & His Beautiful Family

09/03/11: Better news today, is that Orlando (Pepe) has had his blood test and is healthy! His kind family will now adopt another Spanish kitten to be a new friend for Pepe, who is lonely and looking for Asterix. Some good can now come from this sadness.

07/03/11: I have been delaying writing this update, because it is such a hard one to do. On Friday 4th, poor, beautiful, gentle little Asterix (called Luis by his German family), had to be put to sleep.

He had been struggling with an illness for some weeks, which blood tests, suggested was FIP, and his new parents didn’t want him to suffer, as there was no hope of recovery. His Dad Sebastian has already written a lovely comment to this post, and I already knew how upset he and his wife Christina were.

I wish little Orlando (Pepe) all the best and pray that his blood test will be negative.

As for Asterix, he was a lovely little man, and I am so sad that his happy life was cut so short. We loved him when he was here with us, and I am very thankful that Christina and Sebastian loved him so much in Germany.

It is very hard to lose one of our little strays, after everything we all do to find them happy lives, and Asterix was a darling, special boy. Enjoy the photos of him with Orlando in Germany, the first one being one of the last ones taken. We will always remember him.

Lovely Little Luis

Luis With Pepe

Luis With Pepe

Luis With Pepe

Photos from before Xmas:

Luis With Pepe


Luis With Pepe

Luis With Pepe

Luis With Pepe

16/11/10: Orlando and Asterix will now be like brothers in their fantastic forever home. They met at foster Mum Erika’s and became firm friends, despite Asterix already having a brother and a sister.

Asterix is a Mojacar area cat. He was born in Turre and came to us with his family when the kind English man who was feeding them was about to go to the US. Orlando, however, is more local. He was handed to Jean in Berja by a Spanish farmer when he was only about 4 weeks old. I think it is the 2-3 weeks of bottle feeding that made him SO people friendly. He loves to cuddle and chat, but most of all he loves his buddy Asterix.

Both have been adopted by a lovely German couple, and Anke from our German organisation described their home as one she would love to live in herself. Lucky boys. These are emails from Germany about them.

“hi sandra,
Anke told me that the new parents are totaly cute and exited about their “babies” and anke was shopping with them for fine stuff a cat needs…and a bit more :o)
xxx martina”

It seems that Anke and new Mum have become friends:

Not a friend before…but so cute, that we are all sure. that these people are of that kind, which will stay katzenherzen friends for ever…;o) they live near anke and she likes them very much . the husband of the couple is in new zealand at the moment working..and while anke was there for the preview he called from new zealand to ask his wife, if he wil have “babiess” when he comes home :o)

And this came just after they arrived in their new home:

“Asterix and Orlando had duly arrived. I brought them to their new home. Everything was very fine there. Melanie spend a lot of mony for equipment, toy and foot.
Asterix and Orlando (now Luis and Pepe) came directly out of the box and inspected everything. No sign of fear. They were very active and looked for the toy. But first they went to the toilette 😉 Then they got food. Asterix tried to jump on the table to get food as soon as possible ;-).”

Since those emails from Germany I have received lovely new photos of our boys. They are both very special and deserve a great life. Thank you to Jean, Ken, Lesley, Jim, Erika and actually me for fostering them. They spent their last few days here in my study! AND thank you to Ken and Chris driving them to meet the German girls 10 days ago. Chris said, when he wasn’t driving, he put his hand inside their box and Orlando snuggled up. SO Sweeet!!!

Asterix & Orlando

Asterix & Orlando

Enjoy these earlier photos of the boys in September at foster Mum Erika’s.

Asterix & Orlando








8 thoughts on “Orlando & Asterix Siam-mix Kittens

  1. Sebastian

    Dear all,

    just as a quick and very very sad notice:

    My name is Sebastian and I am (had been) the “father” of Asterix (who we renamed to Luis as we felt this name was more appropriate to his soft and decent character). Unfortunately we had to put Luis to sleep on Friday 04th of March as we got to know that he was positive on FIP. This was the hardest decision of my life and all of us at home, including my wife and my parents who felt in love with those 2 little “monsters” and helped raising them to impressive cats (we also renamde Orlando to Pepe as he is our little Spanish hotblood ^^) are shocked and feeling severe pain. The only solace we have is the certainty that Luis did not suffer for a long time and the he is in cat’s heaven now watching over his best frend Pepe.

    Nevertheless we made the decision to give Pepe a new buddy as soon as we have the test results for FIP. Please give us your all your best wishes that he will be ok and that he can play with a new friend soon which will also be a cat in need of help from Spain.

    Hope to give you a positive update soon…


  2. Sands Post author

    Dear Sebastian and Christina,
    Thank you so much for loving and caring for Luis so well. I cannot tell you how sorry I am. We all loved him here as well.
    I do understand because my husband and I went through the same with Orla a little stray kitten we adopted in 2008. She was only with us for 6 weeks.
    I have just put all your lovely photos on this blog.
    AND I wish Pepe all the health and happiness and a new friend soon.
    Sandra xxx

  3. Christina

    Hi all,

    my Name is Christina and I am the Mum of Luis and Pepe.

    I just want to leave very good News. We just received the result of Pepes (Orlandos) blood test and it is NEGATIVE on FIP. He is healthy. So he will get an new friend very soon.


  4. Chris

    Luis was a lovely little thing and I am sure he will be missed that all that got to know him in his short little life.

    It is good news for Pepe though so hopefully we can find him a new little friend quickly.

  5. Sands Post author

    Fantastic news Christina! Please give Pepe a kiss from me!!!

  6. Christina

    After my last phone call with Anke it is sure that Pepe will get a new Buddy on Saturday. Theo will move into our home and hopefully he will be Pepes best friend soon.


  7. Sands Post author

    Great. I will tell Theo when I see him today, and that he has a lovely new name Diego!

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