Oscar Is Injured!


Poor Little Injured Oscar

Last night I noticed that little Oscar appeared to have sustained an injury, while playing up on the roof. Chris thinks it was when he shot off over a wall, after being scared by Mori knocking something over.

As you can see it isn’t TOO serious, and is actually rather sweet, AND if he needed any comfort (which he doesn’t) he has been licked all over his face and is now being cuddled by his best mate big Mori.


Not Too Serious

With Best Buddy Mori

Well Looked After

2 thoughts on “Oscar Is Injured!

  1. gara

    Oh darling Oscar, you take care now. You have a very wonderful family & a great friend in Mori, too. Cheers. xxx & pets

  2. Chris

    He is fine!!!! Ate all his prawns as usual and hasn’t stopped playing!!!

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