Out of 128 animals in their home, 40 were neglected to death

This Couple Neglected and Mistreated 128 Animals – Some to the Point of Death

Around one month ago, police in Omaha, Nebraska received a call about domestic violence at a couple’s residential home. In a shocking twist, the officer responding to the call discovered countless neglected animals at the couple’s home. Animal feces and urine coated the floors until they had saturated the carpets. When investigators returned after receiving a warrant to search the property, they found something even more grim: 128 animals on the property, including dogs, rats, birds, a chicken, a pig, and reptiles. Forty of those animals were dead.

In addition to the corpses, officials found 88 living creatures. These included a pig that was so badly mistreated, it ultimately had to be euthanized. According to investigators, the pig was “emaciated” to the point that its eyes were “sunken in,” with its spine and hips protruding through its skin. Rescuers also uncovered cages containing dogs that were so squished into the tiny containers, they could not fully stand up or lay down. And worst of all: other cages that were littered around the property and located  in a basement freezer contained the “mostly decomposing” remains of animals.

The couple has since been arrested and each individual has been charged with crimes. But the danger remains that these individuals could adopt more pets in the future — subjecting them, too, to this type of abuse and neglect. That must not be allowed to happen. Sign the petition to tell authorities in Omaha, Nebraska to ban these two people from ever owning or living with animals ever again!


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