Pepa and Bertie

25/02/14:Bertie and Pepa actually traveled to their forever home last Saturday and the news from Germany is that they were immediately at home, ‘raging’ through the house and causing fun chaos, and then sleeping on the bed with their new family. As we can all see from this lovely photo, the this lovely pair that fell in love in my bathroom, are still very close and also very happy! A big thank you to everyone.

140225BertiePepa copy

07/01/14: Time to meet some new kittens. This adorable pair I took out of SOS Pechina in the middle of December because I was very worried about both of them. Pepa, the little torty girl, had charmed me when I visited about 10 days before, but was missing from the kitten pen. She was in a separate cage being given antibiotics for a cold, and was quiet and limp and not the active little girl that was climbing the walls and shouting for attention when I first saw her. Bertie WAS still in the kitten pen but he wasn’t moving and showed no interest in the special food I had taken. They stayed with me for the first 5 days and I was very glad that I had taken them.

Pepa had pain in her back and then her stomach area and a kidney infection was diagnosed by my vet. Bertie had an upset stomach and cold and needed antibiotics, and syringe feeding for 10 days before he finally started to eat again on his own. Protectora’s are just not resourced to give this level of care which is why kittens and sick cats are more at risk there. It would have been very dangerous for Bertie to not eat for so long, and I think he would not have been there the next time I visited. Both are now doing well in a private rescue that I work with and I am hoping they can travel to Germany soon. What was very sweet was that 6 month old Pepa seemed to have decided to be a big sister to 4 month old Bertie while they were in my bathroom. I will now try to find them a family together. I wish I could help all the kittens but it just isn’t possible. Pepa and Bertie were 2 of the lucky ones and I am very happy to have been able to save them. Both are tame, sweet, affectionate kittens and perfect for re-homing.

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