Pepsi: Almerimar Resident Stray

This is Pepsi, our resident stray dog here in Almerimar. Over the years a number of people have tried to take her in and offer her a home, but as soon as she gets near a car, or a house, she freaks out.

For the last 8+ years she has been living in the marina here in Almerimar. Paul, who owns the Irish Bar and Restaurant, has put a kennel in the doorway to the bar, and she is fed daily by him, and has a warm place to stay. A couple of times a year the vet comes out to give her a check up and any necessary vaccinations.

She spends her days ambling around the marina on a set route that she has perfected over the years. Nobody is at all bothered by her, and she loves to bask in the sun and give her (not inconsiderable) tummy a good dose of sunshine.

We were having breakfast this morning in the marina when she ambled past and plonked herself down for a sunbath. Got me thinking that not every stray has to be re-homed, as many would be very comfortable with a life like Pepsi: warm abd dry bed at night, regular food, attention and love from us mere humans and always other dogs milling around to sniff and scratch with.


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