23/07/12: Perry did travel to Germany on the 14.07 transport, to his new family near Cologne. All is fine and today I received the first (small) photos of our lovely boy in his new home. He is a welcome ‘new family member’!

26/06/12: Perry is a beautiful big boy of 3 years with lovely long hair. His coat will definitely need a bit of attention but I think with the right care he will soon be back to his most handsome best. Perry belonged to a Spanish family, who moved to the city. Poor Perry has been in the rescue centre for over a year. He is very worried about the summer heat because it is too hot for him in July/August in Spain. Perry loves people and is one of the first cats to come and say hello. Because of all of this I chose him to be one of the first Pechina cats for re-homing, and I am very pleased that within about 2 hours of Kerstin putting him on the German home pages he had an interested family.

They already have 3 longhaired cats and Perry will live in a house and big garden near Cologne. He will get lots of attention because his new parents work from home. The other night they told Kerstin that they will drink a glass of wine and say Cheers to their new family member. The official home check is this weekend but I have a very good feeling Perry has his home. Everything is crossed for him!!!

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.


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