Pet Owners Break Down Cover

I am not sure how many pet owners in the UK will have heard of Showstart but I suspect many will be interested in the Showstart Pet Rescue Breakdown Cover: “a means of ensuring the safety and comfort of their pets in transit in the event of a breakdown”.

As far as I am aware no breakdown services will guarantee that a pet will travel in the safety of the recovery vehicle in the event of a relay or recovery, with the exception of Showstart that is.

As they say on their site:

As part of the family, Showstart Car Breakdown Service guarantees that your pets will travel with you, no matter what happens.

The cost is £41.12 (inc VAT) and when you have your pets in the car you get:

  • FREE: 24/7 dedicated telephone line
  • UNLIMITED: emergency repairs (you pay for parts at a later date)
  • FREE: recovery for your vehicle, yourslef, 2-4 passengers to anywhere in the UK and if required your pets can travel in the cab of the towing vehicle.

Tel: 01488 657650
Fax: 01488 657652

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