Pet Transport Behind The Scenes: Weekly Activity Comparison

660,000+ miles, c6500 cats and dog delivered since we started the pet transports in 2010 have certainly taken their toll on the old body, and have had a pretty major impact on our lifestyle to say the least.

As the years mount up and take their toll, the pet transports have certainly become tougher and take longer to recover from.

One reason for this is the lack of activity I am able to do during a ‘typical’ transport week, as I have tried to demonstrate below:

This is probably as typical a non transport week as I have. With no ‘proper job’ I have no steps/activity related to work so everything is self generated: walking the dogs, the occasional run, doing stuff around the Apartment etc.

All in all pretty good: probably not enough sleep or running, but I am working on that!

Now compare that with a ‘typical’ transport week:

Our last transport started on the Friday, 26th October so as you can see a pretty good week up until then, including a good Friday as I walked the dogs before setting off (I can do this about 75% of the transports as the remainder I am either in Portugal or setting off around 6am). Note the poor Saturday and Sunday as although we are picking up, walking the dogs, and dropping off there is no long walk involved – the reality of walking the dogs is we take one out a time while the other driver stays with the dogs and vehicle, but we never venture far so we can help each other in case of a problem. It’s about letting the dogs stretch, do their business and stay safe!

The transport from Spain to the UK ended around 10pm on the Monday night, but as you can see a really unactive week followed. I had one day without the Fitbit as forgot to put it on after charging, but trust me it wouldn’t have made a lot of difference.

Its not that I was in bed or on the sofa all the time either. On this last trip because of our move back to the UK I had a load of boxes to shift and a loft to clear out. I went to the Osteopath, Dentist and Barbors. I visited the new property to do some measurements and meet a couple of people doing some of the work, and I had a meeting with a company we will be doing some work with. I had the van serviced and valeted and on the Friday I drove to Glasgow to pick up a cat, before setting off back to Spain on the Saturday.

Pretty busy, but not active in healthy way, especially when you factor in the Fish & Chips, the Curry and the Chinese!!!!

I think it is fair to say that the transports as they stand are unsustainable which is one reason that we are moving back to the UK.

I have written before about the impact our move will have on the pet transport schedule, but by far one of the biggest benefits personally will be that by starting in UK and coming to Spain I will have 4 days in Spain in our apartment with pretty much nothing to do! No van to valet or service, no osteopath, dentist, meetings etc. I will have 4 days to rest relax, exercise and eat healthily which has to be a good thing, and will hopefully help extend the number of years we can run the pet transports.

I do need to get fitter and healthier (watch this space I guess) and there are a number of other activities that I will share in later ‘Behind The Scene’ posts.

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