Pet Transport: Future (Slight) Changes

All things being equal we will complete our move back to the UK mid March 2019 and so the April Scheduled Pet Transport (190413) will be the first one ‘done the other way round‘ i.e. leaving UK and driving to Spain via France, Belgium, Holland and Germany (if necessary) and then returning to the UK from Spain via France, Germany, Holland and Belgium (our usual locations and route).

I say ‘all things being equal, as we are still having work done on the property and as I have written before, we are all in the hands of the Brexit outcome.

You may also want to read: latest Spanish Vet advice regards post Brexit pet transport, the UK vets advice, and the likely tightening up of the way TRACES scheme is administered.

But that’s not the main reason for this post. The reason for this post is to make people aware of the consequence the change in our route will make on cat boxes, specifically our inability to pick up previously used cat boxes and return them to Spain.

Unfortunately we will no longer be able to pick up previously used cat boxes as once we drop the cats in Germany, Holland and Belgium and head back to the UK we will not be returning to Spain until the next scheduled transport, and we will not know our route back to Spain until we have completed all the bookings for that pet transport.

If we took the cat boxes back we would have to find a place to store them in the UK until the next pet transport, and even then depending on space and route we may not be able to bring them back.

We will, of course, be able to take previously used cat boxes back to the UK that are staying in the UK, so long as people are willing to either meet us on our route through the UK or come and collect them at our home within 48 hours of our return.

Apologies for the change and any inconvenience, but as we can’t guarantee to get them back to Spain, we can’t pick them up in the first place.

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