Pet Transporter Services

Following on from our decision to stop offering Scheduled Transports between Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and the UK we have identified what we think are a number of ways in which we can work with existing pet transport providers.

Calais Shuttle Service: with Eurotunnel restricting the number of pets to twenty (20) we can meet you in Calais and bring up to twenty (20) pets across for you, so you can transport up to forty (40) pets at a time.

UK Shuttle Service: why not let us deliver your UK bound pets for you (once they are in the UK – see above). This would enable you to return back home (we can collect any return pets and hand over to you) quicker. A reduced travel time for you would allow for more regular pet transports, which will help more animals get to their new homes. You may want to use this service for us to collect Pets in the UK that you are transporting abroad to save you time before the drive back.

Driver For Hire: I am happy to help you with your transport if you are stuck for a driver at short notice. No guarantees I will be available but if I am the I will help with pleasure. Costs will need to be covered and a small fee for my time!!!

SOS: if you find yourself stuck either before of during a transport due to vehicle issues then we will happily provide help i.e. you can use our van. Again fee required and we need to ensure all paperwork is in order of course.

Valet Facility: As we have the tools, products and space to valet and disinfect our own vans at home, we thought it made sense to offer the facility to other pet transporters.

Pet Transporters Listing: we want to create a directory (list) on the site to enable all those that visit the site looking for pet transport to find one. Everyone welcome, everyone has the same information and coverage, so the service is to provide a list of options with the enquiry form directing through to the pet transporter NOT to us!

If any of the above is of interest then please free to get in touch.

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