Pets are legally considered objects rather than sentient beings

Pets Are Family Members. It’s Time The Law Reflected That in Divorce Proceedings!

Spain has just passed a law that will allow the courts to treat pets more like kids and less like property when it comes to divorce. The move follows similar legislation in France and Portugal, as well as some select U.S. states. The point of the law is to allow judges to consider the wellbeing of the pet in their decision about who gets custody of the companion animal after a couple legally dissolves their marriage. Before now, pets were legally considered property and their happiness and safety really didn’t matter all that much in divorce proceedings.

Right now, only Alaska, California and Illinois in the U.S. legally consider pets to be more than property. That’s why we are asking for the other 47 states to change their laws to do so. Will you sign the petition to join us?

If you’ve ever gone through a split and lost access to a beloved animal, you know how tragic it can be. Let’s create a legal system where divorce agreements can include more options such as joint custody or visitation. It’s what’s most fair for the humans – and it’s what’s best for the animal. Sign the petition to demand pets are considered sentient beings throughout the United States!

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